About Us

My goals, to train and compete the best agility dogs to my ability. I first started in agility sometime in 2002 with my chocolate lab Safari. As I look back at each of the dogs I have had the opportunity to train and run I feel very fortunate, each one has taught me something different and improved my abilities as a trainer, not to mention the relationship you build with your dog off the agility field as you go through life.

Agility has brought so many blessing to my life with the friends and people I have met and am going to meet. I have competed in several venues of agility and through having this experience I have made personal desion to compete and train for NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) competition. It is no secret I am addicted to training and running my dogs for Big Distance skills. The feeling that you feel having your dog work at distance is incredable and when it all comes together for 30 seconds there is truly nothing like it!